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January 19, 2009

Chrome’s edit search engine feature

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I recently tried going back to Firefox and found the biggest thing I missed from Chrome was the ability to type “blog sprint android” in the address bar and have it take me right to the results of a search. In Chrome when you use a search on sites like YouTube it remembers the search url and which part is the search term then you can go into the settings and give it a keyword (the default keyword is always something like which should be just youtube). The when you type “youtube sexy party” you go right to the search results on “Finance msft” takes me right to the Google Finance page for Microsoft. “Isohunt porn” takes me right to the torrent results for the latest and greatest in porn. “Imdb star wars new hope” takes me right to the imdb search results. The list goes on.
I’m very much in favor of all these little tricks that shave seconds off the time it takes for you to get something done. This probably saves about 8 seconds compared to going to then searching. I use it probably 4 times a day, thats 3.2 hours a year that Firefox users are sitting there fiddling around with the internet that smart Chrome users can avoid.


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