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December 30, 2008

Windows 7

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I just installed Windows 7 build 6801 which is available on torrents. I figured while I was at it I might try Internet Explorer 8 Beta. When was the last time anyone used IE? I thought it might be a good idea to give it another shot. I had to tell it to run in “Compatability Mode” so my typing would go down the the next line instead of running off the page, but other than that its decent. I need more time to check it out.

What’s New in Windows 7:
The taskbar icons on the bottom right are now more customizable as you can now tell each icon to “show icons and notifications” “show just notifications” or “hide icon and notifications.” There were always some icons we all had down there that we never wanted to see, but wanted the program to be running. This makes for a cleaner taskbar, or more room for other stuff. Perhaps I won’t need a double tall taskbar anymore.

It does seem faster in general, especially when browsing network shares. Vista and XP seemed to take a few seconds, but now it opens as if it was on the local drive.

.iso files can be right clicked and burnt to disc without third party software.

The “my videos”,  “my music”, “my pictures”, and “my documents” folders are now called libraries which can have multiple sources for each folder. For example, when I go to “start” then “videos” it loads the videos from both my hard drives and our network hard drive in one place.

I acknowledged that there wasn’t an anti-virus program installed and that was the end of it. No more constant bitching about buying Norton.

As usual, they’ve jumbled up the control panel menu.

The command prompt now accepts “ls” as “dir”. Finally! I’ve always used ls in linux cause ls is on the home row of keys and faster to type than dir.

More to come as I play around with it more and upgrade to the newest leak.


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    YEAH!!!! WOOT!!!!

    Comment by Scumbag J — January 2, 2009 @ 11:44 pm

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