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November 14, 2008

Orb streams your music to your G1, Videos soon. I smell the future of piracy.

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Install Orb software on your computer from, make an account, then go to on the G1. A very impressive interface for just being a website, looks more like an app than a website. It says it can transcode your videos to .3gp files and stream them to your phone but I can’t get it to work and neither can others on the forums. For some reason the video only works over wifi. I believe it’ll all get better once they release the actual app for Orb on the G1, which they say is very soon. Untill them I’m satisfied with being able to stream all the music on my network to my phone. Pretty soon I’ll be able to get all the TV shows (which automatically stay up to date via rss torrents) and all the movies I have on my network streamed to my phone. In addition, you can share your login info with your friends and then you can listen to their music collection either at home or on your g1. I’ll hold off on streaming my videos to friends till I get FioS internet. We can build a network of people we know and share videos and music on demand through this streaming. FioS gives you 20Mbps down and 20Mbps up, which means that you could stream about 15 simultanious DivX movies at 700Mb for a 2hr movie given an actual upload ability of 2MBps. Also, HD streaming of your friends content to things like your 360 or computer are not out of the question.

The future of piracy is now, or at least coming once we all have better upload speeds. No longer will people have to worry about downloading and storing every show or movie they want, instead they can just stream it from a friend who hodes it all for them.


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  1. let the digital whording commence!

    Comment by pistolsnipe — November 20, 2008 @ 9:37 am

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