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September 18, 2008

GeoEye1 Satellite will bring Higher Res, more updated and accurate Google Satellite Images

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Here are some stats on the satellite: It will take images at a resolution of 16 inches, which is the size an object would be to be disernable (which is about twice what we use now). The camera scans the target in 20,000×37,500 resolution images every two seconds, allowing it to create a 45-billion-pixel image (about 6,000 square miles) in two minutes. A data-processing unit compresses the image files and stores them on a one-terabyte solid-state drive. It uses the stars to find its location within 9 feet, allowing for more accurate images. It can capture Texas in one day. 

The US Government restricts the resolution of images sold to 0.5 meters or 19.7 inches. The GeoEye2 will be able to take images of 9.75 inches. They say that it is for national security reasons. I can understand bluring out military bases, but holding back all this useful information from the public because of government regulations is unacceptable. Or should we be glad they let us have any satellite images at all? It’s the age of information, the government is only slowing the inevitable progress. Write your Congressman.



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