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September 6, 2008

XBMC Episode scraper

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so XBMC only gets better and better, however the problem i consistently have is that the tv episode scraper, sucks, not chipmunk balls, hardcore donkey dong.  anyways the reason it sucks is because unless you have your files named S01E01 (which is the best naming convention i have seen, however downloaded files are rarely perfect)  for season 1 ep 1, it aint gonna do shit.  now you can add regular expressions to the list of acceptable formats in the xbmc config file but the other problem i have is that very rarely do the episode numbers of files i download line up with what is expected on THETVDB.  programs exist to rename your episodes to a standard naming convention but all of them fall short because none of them take the episode name into consideration, i consider throwing away valuable information to be sloppy.  after hours of renaming files to line up with online resources i have become tired of this process, and therefore i will be programming a tool to rename episodes that will take episode information into account.  in my experience THETVDB generlly has the best episode information so unless anyone has any objections that will be the first scraper implemented.  Any input is appreciated, feaure list is somewhat fluid in my head and ideas are welcome, also if anyone has had better luck with a site other thn tvdb let me know but that has been the best for me so far.  this will be written from scratch in python.

this process will be more user intensive than other applications, but i think spending 10 minutes overlooking he naming of hundreds of your tv episodes and getting everything correct will be worth it in the long run

my idea so far…. the program will scrape the tv episode name and compare it against the list on thetvdb (trying its best to remove the name of the ripper or ripping group), there will be a slider to determine what percentage of match you are comfortable with and anything below that will have to be selected from a list of possible matches.   the left pane will show your episode names as thy are and the right pane will show episodes listed online (which you will interact with as partial matches are found for your episodes), or can be switched to the preview of what your files will look like after you have committed your changes.



  1. Looking for something like this to clean up older series.

    What would be good is to have something that can download a series (including all episodes/special) from
    Then scan a directory and rename if needed episodes. (Some manual work needed here is not a 100% match).
    This then would mark the series/episodes as complete.
    As a bonus it would download the wideicons/fanart/posters/info etc so XBMC can read it.

    Anyway I have been looking for this for a while without luck.

    Comment by peterg70 — September 28, 2008 @ 2:42 am

  2. Someone just needs to make a torrent client that knows all this and all the user has to do is tell it what show to download, what seasons, and what quality (1080, 720, 480).

    Comment by coretron — September 29, 2008 @ 2:25 am

  3. Well…you could do it manually, or you could do it like the rest of us, use or, and then they index fine, or use to pre-index them and it takes seconds to add full seasons to xbmc.

    Comment by — December 27, 2008 @ 3:55 pm

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