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September 5, 2008

Windows Xp apps that are a must have

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In my 12 step program to not be an internet leech I am required to create some original content for the internet…

As XP nears the end of its life cycle, i would like to point out some apps that you should at least check out if youve never heard of them, no this is not a “top x list” where x is any number,  these are just apps that you should check out.  a good programmer mantra is to make 1 lite well written application thta does a specific task and these ahere to that rule.


launchy is a great application that lets you launch applications found in specific places in your computer (start menu web history etc…) .  you just mash alt and space with your thumb then type in what you want to run (it autocompletes for you) then press enter and it goes.  great if like me youre used to a little linux CLI

Klite codec pack:

This is the first thing i install on any new computer, it gives you windows media player classic and every codec you will ever need.  I usually install VLC as well, but imho media player classic is better at handling key frames on videos when you skip around in the file

Sysinternals suite

Microsoft thought the guy that made this must have had insider information into how their os worked, eventually they bought the product off of him and offer it through their site for free.  this suite lets you delve into anything you want in your xp machine, i especially like their task manager replacement (process explorer) which can give you much better information on usage statistics  as well as a history of those statistics.


if you burn any images, this is what you should be using to do it.  written by the guys who made dvdshrink it will handle any image you want and it wont make coasters. (side note cd’s actually do make great coasters, but you would never know it unless you actually used coasters)



  1. its worth noting that these are XP suggestions, and at least Launchy and the sysinternals suite has been somewhat integrated into vista

    Comment by pistolsnipe — September 5, 2008 @ 6:38 am

  2. launchy is a great application. In vista you press windows button and start typing an application and press enter and it will load it. It also does a quick search of indexed files so you can load files in the same fashion. I use it to load any program I don’t have on my quick launch. Also in vista windows+(1-9) will load the application in that position on your quick launch bar. Little shortcuts like that save you .5 seconds but it adds up over the course of your life, and I think efficient computer usage is key.

    Comment by coretron — September 5, 2008 @ 3:53 pm

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