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August 25, 2008

Google? Puh-leeze

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Here is an article that I whole heartedly agree with. Don’t get me wrong, I love google. On the same note, however, I am no fan boy.

The problem I have with google is the same problem I have with Apple. They both release great products and everyone knows this. What I disagree with is the elitest attitudes that these companies have towards everybody else. The communities surrounding these two organizations also deserves to be mentioned.

Whenever i meet a serious fanboy (or fangirl…yea right?) of either google or apple, I notice a certain transformation in character. It seems as if all logic flys out the window and all that matters is blatant…well, fanboyism. What do I mean by ‘blatant fanboyism?’ It is a certain frenzied attitude towards a particular thing where as logical arguments fail to hold any position against the fanboy.

The problem I have with these communities is the need they have to voice their superiority over others. This degenerative ‘kindergarten’ based attitude serves no purpose but to make them seem like jack-asses or ‘phucs.’ There is nothing wrong with being better than someone else. But please, have some class and get off your high horse.

That’s enough for now. Time to check my gmail and listen to my ipod.


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  1. That article just bashes Google as a company that “lost its mojo” and backs it up with terrible examples.
    I will grant one thing and that is that Google should have never tried to be a day care company. They were spending far too much per child(Google subsidized $37k/yr/child) and were growing far too quickly to have room for all the employee’s children. With 20,000 full time employees, spending that much is a terrible idea and especially wouldn’t fly in a publicly traded company. As perfect the standards we hold Google to are, we have to remember that they are funded by shareholders who want a return on their investment. Subsidizing $37,000 per child was nice while it lasted but look around at how much other companies are spending per child on day care.Google decided the best way to fix this behemoth day care center was to charge more (they are still subsidizing 10k/yr/child and claim they will offer scholarships for parents who are financially unable to pay the higher rates which are phased in over 5 quarters). Even so, day care is a minor issue in respect to Google being out of mojo.
    The second example is that Sergey Solyanik, who used to work for Microsoft and then defaulted to Google, had gone back to Microsoft. First of all this guy’s a douche he said “I need to know that the code is useful for others, and the only way to measure the usefulness is by the amount of money that the people are willing to part with to have access to my work. Sorry open source fanatics, your world is not for me!” So we know what is motivating this guy. He also says “It seems like every week 10% of all the features are broken in one or the other browser. And it’s a different 10% every week.” Has anyone out there ever had a problem with Google being down for any service ever? I have not. This is outright slander against Google. This guy only went over to Google to gain information on Google planing to go back all along for more money. Third example is the stock price drop recently. Google has had a %400 return in 4 years, and even in the last year where this “telltale drop” happened Google outperformed the DJIA by 8.7%. Those are the only examples he gave that one of the most successful and innovative tech companies ever is failing? This whole thing stinks of Microsoft espionage.

    Comment by coretron — August 25, 2008 @ 10:47 pm

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